What People Are Saying

I attended an Equisomatic retreat with Dr. Mary & Kelly in the Fall of 2022. The experience surpassed my expectations and proved to be one of the most transformative healing experiences of my life. Dr. Mary and Kelly's partnership offers a unique combination of skill sets, with each drawing out the best from a person's body, mind, and spirit in an open and inclusive way. Even more profound, was the silent but powerful influence of the horses. Horses are our mirrors; indeed, I found the horses to be just as active in guiding us in the retreat as Dr. Mary & Kelly. Dr. Mary's network care gave my body the resources to process my emotions with Kelly and my retreat peers. The horses mirrored my emotions back to me and were also there to comfort me as I confronted emotions that were difficult. As a "horse person", I knew that the retreat would have an impact on me, but I wasn't prepared for how much it would facilitate my healing for years to come. I highly recommend this experience to everyone out there searching for a sense of groundedness, connection, and security. You won't regret it.

Angie S. LeRoy, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience

Director & Principal Investigator: Baylor HEAL Lab,

“This weekend with Mary and Kelly was extraordinaire, combining deep knowledge of horse interaction with improving the nervous system so that each modality increased the effectiveness of the other. Thank you Kelly and Mary for a memorable weekend.” ——MH

“The retreat was an amazing weekend full of activities and information designed for physical and mental health and improvement. My personal favorite was the process of using the senses of hearing sight, touch and smell to develop a connection with the earth and energize the body and calm the mind.” -TD