EquiSomatic Methodolgy


How It Works

In the powerful energetic presence of horses, we seek to heal and transform lives by upgrading and transforming the current operating principles of mind, body, and spirit.  

Through a combination of Equine-Assisted Learning and Network Care, we release entrenched patterns of trauma, beliefs, and physical resistance. This combination works powerfully to center the participants in a lived experience of calm embodiment, self-awareness, and resilience.

Horses are large prey animals; they have evolved to be deeply aware and intuitive.  They have a massive electromagnetic energy field that gives and receives energy.  When you connect to the presence of a horse, they provide feedback to your energy.  As you learn to ground yourself in an authentic emotional state of mindfulness, the horse provides non-judgemental mirroring for you to learn by.  This connection requires no previous horse experience and no horseback riding.  The horses are free to move and respond as they feel. A nuzzle, a shake of the head, a sigh...what will you experience in that knowing presence?

The practice of Network Care is incorporated into these sessions to release long-held patterns within the nervous system of the client.  Network Care is a light-touch method that creates the ability for the central nervous system to reorganize its usual response to stress and protective patterns. Network imparts a new, more refined neural integrity, resulting in a resetting of the autonomic nervous system from Fight and Flight to Rest and Digest. This is a wonderful platform for growth and change! 

These modalities work synergistically, establishing the groundbreaking EquiSomatic Experience with which we create paradigmatic shifts in the energy bodies of the people we work with.